Remote control

This room has been equipped with intelligent remote control to assist with easier access and control of the TV and connected video sources.
Your Control4 remote control is fitted with a display that can present available sources within the room and allows control of said sources from one remote control.

  • The Control4 button will turn on your TV and present you with an on-screen menu with available options such as Watch, Listen, etc. Please use the navigation buttons to make a selection.
  • The Room Off button will turn off the TV. Please note this will not turn off any lights or playing audio within the room.
  • The on-screen display will present any active sources you currently along with the room name.
  • The Watch button can be used to select may be viewing something to watch on the TV using the navigation buttons.
  • The Listen button can be used to select something to listen to in the room using the navigation buttons.
  • The List button may show additional options for the room.
  • The Custom buttons may be programmed to handle specific tasks within the room. Ask a member of Staff for assistance.
  • These buttons provide source specific functions for the currently active source.
  • Volume Up or Down can be used to adjust the volume for any active source on TV or for audio within the room.
  • The Navigation buttons can be used to navigate the on-screen Control4 Menu, the remote control’s on-screen menu or any active sources on the TV.

Control 4

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remote blinds

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